Make a difference in the life of a homeless child or teen this fall…

Help us keep our shelters clean and shelves stocked with food or supplies as we respond to crisis and care for youth in need!

 Cash donations are always our biggest need. Cash donations help keep shelter services such as keeping the heat on, providing essential case management, meals, therapy and so much more up and running. You can make a donation by mailing a check to the agency at: 1101 30th St, Wichita Falls, Texas 76302

Or via our online donation system. Remember we are also part of the Hands to Hands Community Fund and you can donate there as well @

Gift Cards donations are always a need. We can use these to buy items for the shelters or meet the needs of youth directly. Walmart, Target, Academy, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, United, Kohl’s, Ross, TJ Max, Burlington, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Big Lots, Books-A-Million, or any other Department Stores. We also take and use restaurant gift cards for youth outings.These are great for birthdays and reward for reaching service goals.

Or Choose to Buy and Donate  from our  In-Kind Needs List- 

HOUSEHOLD                                               KITCHEN                                            MEDICAL

Lysol, Fabuloso, Bleach Cleaner                  Trash Bags ALL sizes                         Lice Treatment Kits

ALL Clear Laundry Soap                             Zip Lock Bags ALL sizes                     Band-Aids and Gauze Pads

Sanitizing Wipes                                           Paper Plates and Solo Cups                Rubbing Alcohol & Peroxide

Dryer Sheets                                                 Dawn Liquid Soap                                 Kleenex

New Vacuums (2)                                         Storage Containers for Food                  Triple Antibiotic Ointment

Non-Latex Gloves                                         Scrub Pads                                             Children’s Tylenol

Brooms and Dust Pans                                 Water Bottles Refillable                           Pepto-Bismol

Bath Towels all Sizes                                                                                                    Pads and Kotex Tampons

Twin Waterproof Mattress Covers w/ Zippers                                                                Disposable Face Masks                                      

Zippered Pillow Protectors

FOOD/SNACKS                                      SCHOOL                                           PERSONAL NEEDS

Salad Dressings                                       1”-3” Ring Binders                            Tooth Brushes and Tooth Paste

Cereal                                                       Hand Sanitizer                                  Deodorant (male and Female)

Healthy Wrapped Snacks                         Pens and Pencils                              Brushes, Combs, Picks

Bottle water and Juices                             Liquid Paper                                     Hair Clips, Scrunches, and Bands     

Canned Goods Bulk or #10                       Dry Goods                                        IPSY or Make-Up ALL TYPES

Macaroni, Bowtie, and Shell Pasta            Dividers Write On Style                    Body Wash (Kids to Teens)

Peanut Butter and Jelly                             1-3 Ring Hole Punches                Hair Products- Spray, Gel, Mousse          

Ketchup, Mustard, and Mayo                     Mechanical Pencils                          Nail Polish and Files

Pickles, Relish, Picante Sauce                  Kleenex                                            Cologne Perfume, or Body Spray

Packaged Juices                                       Large or Adult Scissors                     Lip Balm and Hand Cream


CRAFTS                                        GIFTS/GAMES                                           ATHLETIC SPORTS NEEDS

Canvases                                       Board Games                                                Sports Balls ALL Styles

GEM Painting                                 Lego (Boys and Girls)                                     Bikes 20” and Up

Paint By Numbers                          Action Figures                                                 Hula Hoops

Latch Hook Kits                               Barbies All Colors                                          Outdoor Games

Sketch Pads                                    Playing Cards (Uno, Skip Bo, Cards)              Slip-n-Slide

Sharpies ALL colors                         Hot Wheels /Match Box Cars                         Filed Day Items

Paint Pens and Fabric markers       RC Cars and Drones                                      Scooter non-electric

Model Kits                                         Pokémon toys and cards                               Pedal Cars              

Craft Kits ALL Styles                         Puzzles                                                          Chalk, Bubbles, Kites

Tie-Dye Kits                                       Bingo Set                                                         

White Shirts All Sizes                        Hand Held Electronics

                                                           MP3 Players, Headphones, Earbuds

                                                           Boom Boxes

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for helping keep our most vulnerable youth safe and sheltered! 

You can drop of donations or ship them to:

Children’s Aid Society of West Texas Ins

1101 30th St

Wichita Falls, Texas 76302

For questions please call 940-322-3141 

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