Children’s Home


The Children’s Home, which has been at its current location since 1976, is a 26-bed facility licensed to serve children ages 2 through 17. The Children’s Home accepts primarily court ordered placements through Child Protective Services (CPS). Admission to the shelter is generally the result of abuse, neglect, and abandonment sustained in the home. While at the Children’s Home, an assessment is often conducted. The assessment process includes psychological, physical, and educational evaluations of the youth. This allows the Shelter and Caseworker to assign an accurate level of care to the youth. The intent is to be able to place the youth in the most appropriate placement as soon as possible and keep them from bouncing around the Foster Care system. Children are nurtured, loved, and educated while at the Children’s Home. Every effort is made to make what can be an unpleasant time in their lives as comfortable and happy as possible.

Juvenile Probation also places a number of youths at the Children’s Home as they transition from placement back into the home setting.

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