Creative and Crafty List- To Help Make Our Spring Fun! 

  • Canvases all sizes and colors (Flat or Framed)
  • Paint Brushes all shapes and Sizes
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Mosaic Crafts
  • Dreamcatcher Kits
  • Make a Friend Fabric Animal Crafts Kits
  • Jewelry Craft Kits
  • Sticker and Scrapbook Kits
  • Foam Art Sheets and Stickers
  • Lanyard Crafts
  • Perler Beads and Pattern Pads Sets and Shaped Pegboards
  • Gem or Diamond Painting sets
  • Sequin Art Sets
  • Paint by Number Sets
  • Model Car Kits
  • Sand Art
  • Velvet Coloring Posters
  • Sharpies all sizes and colors
  • Tie Dye Kits
  • Sun Catcher Kits
  • Summer Themed Crafts of Any Type
  • Slime Kits
  • Science Kits
Crafts or Gift Cards can be shipped to or dropped off at :  1101 30th St., Wichita Falls, Texas 76302


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