Our residential programs are still open, helping youth in crisis, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many have asked us how they can help. Here’s a wish list of our most needed items at this time.

Due to COVID-19/Coronavirus-

The Children’s Aid Society has temporarily suspended all in-kind donations. This is for the safety of our residents and staff. Also we are not using volunteers for special projects at his time. We are not having visitors onsite so please make arrangements via phone to discuss anything you might need at 940-322-3141.

How to help: Visit our Amazon Gift Registry where you can purchase an item and have it shipped directly to us. Gifts Cards, which allows staff to purchase grocery items not available for shipping, and send them to:

Here are some items we can use now-

Gift Cards for Food Items: United Supermarkets,Walmart/SAMS,Target, Restaurants (take out)

Items for Kids Birthdays and Prizes: Toys and Games, Make-Up Sets and Grooming Kits for Teens, MP3 Players with Radios and Headphone and Ear Buds. **Our kids are ages 2-17. So all age ranges!

Cleaning and Sanitary Supplies: Lysol Spray, Bleach, Wipes, Odor Ban Spray, All Clear Laundry Soap, Liquid Hand Soap, Hand Sanitizer, Disposable Masks and Gloves, Pin-sol Lemon or Fresh Sent.

Health Care: Pull-up for toddlers to Adult XXL , Wipes, Always Sanitary Pads (all sizes), Tampax Pearl Tampons,  Lice Hair Treatment, Hair Bands or Scrunchies, Brushes and Combs, Tooth Paste and Tooth Brushes, First Aid Kits, Toilet Paper, Kleenex, and Paper Towels.

We appreciate your support and understanding during these challenging times.

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