Taking time to give thanks and recognizing what matters most through arts and crafts this holiday season. The staff are determined to make the children and teens in our shelters feel appreciated, valued, and loved. This is place where kids can find love and support.

When you pile on the turkey and fixings this Thanksgiving, give thanks for those who have made you who you are today. Give thanks for your family — mom, dad, kids, grandparents and others, and for your friends and support network.

But remember the children out there who don’t have that safety and security to give thanks for this year. Their little lives are relying on the compassion of our community, on people to step forward and say, “I care,” and “I will help.” The scared teens on the streets or couch surfing due to homelessness- alone, hungry, and struggling to survive.

There are many ways you can help kids in foster care. You can support a charity like The Children’s Aid Society of West Texas Inc. that works to make lives better every day.

You can help and it will cost you nothing. You can donate items, volunteer and find other ways to make a difference. Or, you can choose to become that one caring adult — to become a foster parent or adopt a child in need of your love. A child who just might give thanks for you at next year’s Thanksgiving dinner.

We wish everyone a beautiful Thanksgiving and hope that many more children and teens will be able to give thanks for more than a bed or a roof over their head — for a loving home filled with people who care about them.

Bless you for your care and support of our organization and the youth we serve!


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