The agency is gearing up for the next season and we are looking for specific items to make our summer more enjoyable for the children and teens. 

We want to replace items in our gym: red rubber balls, hula hoops, limbo set, toddler tumble mats and climbers, pool sticks and air hockey supplies, badminton and table tennis set, volley ball set, basket balls, and four square set.

On our play ground we want to replace items that all the kids can enjoy. We need 4 big wheels,  2 tricycles, and  bikes of all sizes (new or gently used). We love water balloons, sand play sets, kites, plastic yard darts, razor scooters, mini golf sets, kick ball sets, bowling sets, T-ball sets, field day games, Wubble, Slip-n-Slide and Sprinkler sets, Sunny 7 Funny 11 piece Stepping stones Obstacle course, bubbles, and shuffle board set.

In our Art Room we need many supplies like: canvases, acrylic paint, paint brushes, water color paper, water colors, tie dye kits, jewelry making kits, pained rock kits, sand art sets, cosmic kits, doll and plush animal kits, emoji bracelet set, diamond or gem painting kits, build a poster coloring book, velvet color posters, and playdough.

All items can be sent or dropped off at:

Children’s Aid Society of West Texas, Inc.

1101 30th Street, Wichita Falls, Texas 76302




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