It’s the most wonderful time of the year… unless it’s not. For many children and families, this time of year may be depressing, stressful or simply go by unnoticed due to more pressing problems.

Below are 3 ways to donate to a child who might not otherwise get a present, and to provide a moment of happiness to a family undergoing a stressful situation, whether it’s poverty, illness or a disaster. Also you can help an organization who helps many! Several nonprofits need your help this year. 

Please remember that there are many vulnerable communities that do not have national organizations dedicated to them, but that still need donations this holiday season. Where possible, find organizations like shelters, foster agencies and local missions in your area ― they probably have their own lists of needs.

  • Give A Toy To A Child In Need In Your Community

More families are struggling than ever before. Check with local churches or Missions in your area about a youth needing support from an Angel Tree or private sponsor.

  • Give A Foster Child or Shelter Youth A Holiday Gift

Christmas can be an upsetting time for children who have been separated from their biological families. Your support can bring joy to their holiday and also some needed items to make their living situation better. Gift Cards, toys, arts and crafts, sports items, shoes, clothes, and toiletries are always needed items.

Google youth or homeless shelters to get local programs ― many individual agencies have toy drives and drop-offs this time of year to help children who have been removed from their homes.

Our Agency -Christmas Needs List

  • Hair Accessories, Toiletries, Make-Up –All Skin Tones, Shower/Bath Sets, Body Spray (Boys and Girls),  Deodorant
  • Craft Kits and Art Supplies (Gift Cards Hobby Lobby/Michaels/Mardels)
  • Toys for ALL ages– Lego Sets for Boys and Girls, Multicultural Dolls & Barbies, Remote Control Cars and Toys, Sports Balls, Hot Wheels, Marvel Avengers and DC Items, Sonic and Pokémon, Princess Items, LOL Items, Dinosaurs, Hatchimals, Star Wars Items, Harry Potter Items, Minecraft Items, Beyblade, Race Track /Slot Car Set, Polly Pockets, Trolls, My Little Pony items, Craft Kits, Model Car Kits, Jewelry Kits.
  • MP3 Radio Players and Ear Buds, Jam Boxes and Head Phones
  • Batteries (AA, AAA, C, D)
  • Journals, Drawing Pads, and ART Supplies or KITS, Canvas Board or Panels All Sizes and Colors, Acrylic Paint, Sharpie Sets All Colors, Diamond Painting Sets, Model Car Kits, Craft Kits-Slim, Jewelry, Rock Painting, Paint By Numbers, Fashion Portfolio Sketch, DIY Kits, Sand Art, String Art, Sequin Art, Glass Stone Art, Loom Art, Latch Hook Art, Plush Crafts, Mosaic Crafts, Wood Car Kits, Sun Catchers, Dream Catchers, Water Globes, Science Kits, Puzzles.
  • Board Games (all ages), Card Games & Dice Games
  • Sports Balls for every Sport
  • New Bikes- Toddlers to Teens, Big Wheels, Cozy Coop Cars, Scooters or Razors Ride On
  • Arcade Style Free Standing Video Games (Pac Man, Arcade1 Frogger, Arcade 1 Space Invaders, Atgame Ledgends Ultimate Home
  • Gift Cards for Restaurants (Ice Cream, Fast Food, & PIZZA)
  • Gift Cards for Outings (Skating, Golf, & Bowling)
  • Gift Cards and more- (Amazon, 5Below, Dollar Tree, Walmart, Target, Claire’s, Academy, TJ MAX, ROSS, Kohl’s, Books-A-Million, Sikes Mall Gift Cards)

We updated our Amazon List for Christmas, take a look!

We just registered at Target for some our Shelter Christmas Wish List Items, click to see!

Children’s Aid Society Walmart Wish List – products to support a great cause. You can view it here:

  • Give a Monetary Gift to a Local Nonprofit

2020 has been a challenging year for every nonprofit. Monetary and In-kind donations are way down due to the global pandemic. So contact a nonprofit in your area and find out how you can help their mission! Your one gift could help many at that organization! 

The Hands to Hands Community Fund helps our organization and 7 others. Collectively, our member agencies have served this community for more than 500 years. Our programs are vital. Our agencies passion and dedication to those they serve is unwavering. We need your help. Most importantly, the people we serve need your help more than ever before.

We are part of the Hands to Hands Community Fund monetary giving campaign which provides monthly support to our agency. It also helps 7 other organizations. You can choose our organization through designation or help ALL 8!  

Donate Now via Hands to Hands Community Fund at:


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